A Word from the Coach

Positively Focused. Confidently Competitive. Passionately Caring. Contagiously Hardworking. Every year the coaching staff takes one of these four core values, and makes it our focus for the year. Not that the we ignore the other three, but that we have an idea of what our team’s strengths and weaknesses are going to be. One of […]

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Mission Trip Update 4

Thursday, July 27,  was our last full day in beautiful New Orleans. Along with that, it was our free day to explore and experience what this unique city has to offer. We woke up as usual at 8 AM for breakfast, and then went to the sanctuary in the church for worship and a spiritual […]

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Mission Trip Update 3

On Wednesday, we got to go back to visit the Garden Oaks community and spend more time with all the kids there-playing, eating lunch, talking, and just having fun. It was an overwhelmingly joyful day. But knowing that we wouldn’t be back during this trip, it was extremely hard to leave at the end of […]

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Mission Trip Update 2

So day two of the missions trip, Tuesday, started with an early wake up call in order to get our work out in. After that, everyone showered and ate breakfast; and then by 9am, we went to the sanctuary for a little ministry prep time before going to do our outreach. We had two outreaches […]

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Mission Trip Update 1

Hello from New Orleans! It’s going to be very hard to summarize everything that God has done and is doing here after just one day, but I will try to hit all the main points. Before I go over our day, I want to say how good it has been to be back with my […]

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