Why I chose Union: Abbey Jodts

During my first semester of senior year I decided to visit Union. I had never heard of the school and with my conversations with Coach Isaac about the school it sounded like the perfect match. The minute I stepped on campus it felt like home. During my college search I had three qualities I looked for in a school small class sizes, quality athletic program, and Christ centered.

The small class sizes at Union are very beneficial in academic success. My classes sizes range from fifteen to twenty-five students. The professors know you by name and they know when you have skipped class. Having a professor know your name and face help build personal relationships with your professors. The small class sizes are less intimidating and make it easier for your voice to be heard when you have questions.

Union provides the best quality athletic of all the schools I visited. Coach Isaac and Coach Julie made my visit enjoyable which allowed me to relax and just enjoy my time there. When I walked into the locker room I was immediately greeted by all of the girls. They all asked me my name and questions to get to know me as a person.

From being in the locker room and observing the girls’ relationships with one another it felt like a true family and it was obvious that bond benefited their game on the field. I knew that this was a family I wanted to be a part of and I wanted the friendships these girls had.

Union is the best school to build relationship with Christ. Many schools will claim they are Christ centered but none compare to Union. From my first time praying with the team I could tell that this is the environment I needed to grow my faith and I have definitely done that my first year.

I chose Union because I knew that I would be able to grow academically, athletically, and spiritually.

Abbey Jodts, #18


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