Why I Chose Union: Addison Dunn

I was born in Jackson, grew up in Jackson, went to high school in Jackson, and now I go to college in Jackson. Contrary to what this track record makes it sound, I am not a homebody. In my first six months of college, I can honestly say that I spent no nights at home (not counting holidays, of course). So, my decision to attend Union was not originally swayed by how close I live to the campus, seven minutes to be exact.

At first, I was not thrilled about how close Union is to my house. Most of my friends were travelling hours away and I kept hearing them talking about how much they were going to grow and change being away from home. Hearing things like that made me seriously doubt my decision to attend Union. I wondered if going to here was going to feel like a repeat of high school, with all the same places to go and the same sights to see. Ultimately, I ended up at Union primarily for the soccer and Nursing programs.

After just weeks of being here, I knew that my initial fears had been so so wrong. After completing my first semester of college, I have learned that it’s not where you are, but who you are there with that truly makes a moment in time special.

I have had the opportunity to meet some awesome people at Union. My roommates, my classmates, and the people I get to see everyday just by passing them on campus have made a huge impact on my perspective of the university. Aside from all of the connections I made on my own, some of the deepest bonds I made were through soccer.This past season was one of the best that the women’s soccer program has ever had, and I would definitely attribute some, if not all, of our winning year to the great camaraderie and chemistry the team has.

Coming into playing here, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleased after just one practice to see how many girls on the team really work hard and challenge me to be a better player and person.

One teammate in particular really made a strong impression on me. We bonded on an exceptionally long away-trip at the beginning of the season, and after that we were somewhat inseparable. This girl was an unlikely friend, but I will forever be impacted by her friendship.

For those of you reading this, I encourage you to go wherever you feel God calling you, put aside fears and doubts, like the ones I had, and plunge into His plan. He works everything out for good.

Addison Dunn, #16


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