What I love about UU Women’s Soccer: Anna Venkus

What I Love About UU Women’s Soccer

Some parts of collegiate sports make it seem like it wouldn’t be worth it. Early mornings, fitness testing, and traveling every other week may not sound like the most fun thing to do. However, with Union women’s soccer, this is not the case. There is so much to love.

I’ll start with our core values: confidently competitive, contagiously hardworking, positively focused, and passionately caring. We focus on taking these qualities with us wherever we go, on or off the field. They set the overall attitude for the entire team. They give us a positive energy and dedication that we put into accomplishing our goals, and they unify us as a team.

I love how on the Union University women’s soccer team, you are cared about as more than just a player. Yes, how you play is important to everyone. However, coaches and players truly care about you as a person, too.

We always pray together at the end of every practice, and we have an opportunity for anyone with prayer requests to bring them forward so that the rest of the team can pray for them. It truly brings us closer together as a team.

I love the passion everyone has for our sport and playing it to the best of our abilities – and getting the win! In the end, we should be playing the beautiful game because we love it. I can say our team definitely has a passion for the game. This past season was truly wonderful as we pushed to improve ourselves and each other with every game.

As you can probably tell, everything I love about Union Women’s Soccer comes down, at its core, to the people. If you’re going to be surrounded by the same people every day for months, you want them to be people you like. The people on the Union University Women’s Soccer team embrace the core values. They are dedicated to the game of soccer, their teammates, and their faith.

What I love about Union University Women’s Soccer doesn’t come down to a single concrete thing. It comes down to the people and the love we share for the beautiful game.  

Anna Venkus, #0


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