What it means to be a Union Women’s Soccer Player

Playing soccer for this program has been such a blessing for me. Before committing to play soccer at Union, the Union coaches pointed out precisely to me what type of players they are searching for. They are scouting for confidently competitive, contagiously hardworking, positively focused, and passionately caring players. I really admire these values, and strive to possess each characteristic every day to become a better player and person. At numerous schools I had visited, the coaches and staff did not fully consider what kind of character and morals their players’ possessed.

However, the coaches and staff at Union really took time to get to know my personality and who I am as a player, but more so as a Christian. As a Christ follower, being able to play for a team that has the dedication to play for the glory of God is so special to me.

Not only does the coaching staff and faculty at Union search for Christ-centered athletes, but also players that strive academically. There are academic standards that have to be met and maintained to be able to play for this team. This promotes great motivation for me as a student and as an athlete. I want to meet these academic expectations to make sure that I can be out on the field playing to win and glorify God to the best of my ability for my team. Union has an amazing academic program; therefore, it is definitely not easy. After a stressful day of classes, going to practice is one of the greatest stress relievers for me; being able to accomplish my goals academically while also playing soccer is so rewarding.

Athletically, this program has a very competitive mentality. Each individual member of the team expects you to have the mindset to win, and become a better player and teammate each day we are out there together.

During each practice and game, a competitive tone and high energy is set from the very beginning. I strive to leave everything I have on the field; not only are we playing to glorify God, but also playing to win.

The intensity and encouragement of this team helps me perform at the best of my abilities. The coaches and trainers have supported me in reaching my own personal goals each year.

Being a women’s soccer player at Union University is something I cherish and love. Joining this team is like joining a family. It is a very unique program that I have so much fun being apart of. The friendships and accomplishments I have been able to make is such a blessing. I could not be more thankful and joyful to be able to play for this program.

Hannah Hilburn, #6


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