Get to Know the Class of 2017

This class is going to bring a lot to the team on the field, but they are great girls off the field as well. Here are some fun facts about each of our new Lady Bulldogs that will join us for the 2017 season.

Kaylyn Burroughs

c4lbndsxaaafxaa-jpg-largeFavorite TV Show: Criminal Minds and Friends

Pregame Pump Up Song: “Greenlight” by Pitbull

Favorite Restaurant: Ocean Prime

Unique Talents: Kaylyn has a gymnastics background, and it enables her to do a flip throw in.

Favorite Color: Pink

Hobbies: Lacrosse, shopping, and beach soccer

Kaylyn says she is very excited to be joining the team and playing collegiate soccer.

c4lawqgwcaeqdbg-jpg-largeTiffany Linse

Favorite TV Show: Lost and Parks and Recreation.

Pregame Pump Up Song: For her dad’s sake “Smack Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch

Favorite Restaurant: Jersey Mike’s

Unique Talent: Mad skill in the art of the pogo-stick

Favorite Color: Burgundy

Hobbies: Tiffany loves to write. She has a self-published book of poems called Wild Eyes and Trembling Hearts

Tiffany  looks forward to  taking root and building long-lasting friendships and memories with new people when she comes to Union.



Victoria Lucido

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Pregame pump up song: “Oceans” by Hillsong United

Favorite restaurant: The Silver Spoon

Unique talents: Making crêpes

Favorite Color: Black

Hobbies: Coloring and puzzles

Victoria is looking forward to being  on a team that loves soccer, but also share the same faith and values as her.Samantha Jones


Samantha Jones

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Pregame pump up song: “Hall of Fame” by The Script

Favorite restaurant: Arby’s

Favorite Color: Light Purple

Hobbies: Hiking and Camping

Samantha looks forward to being a part of Union’s Christian community.

c4lx_l3xuamlplw-jpg-largeTaylor Knight

Favorite TV Show: Chopped on the Food Network

Pregame pump up song: “All I do is win” by DJ Khaled

Favorite Restaurant: Macaroni Grill

Favorite Color: Red

Hobbies: Going to the beach and concert

Taylor is looking forward to not only being able to go to college, but getting the opportunity to play soccer as well. Taylor is excited about meeting all her new teammates.


Candace Haney

 Favorite TV show:  When Calls The Heart

Pregame pump up song:“She’s Country”  by Jason Aldean or “Invincible” by Skillet

Favorite restaurant: Gringos – a local Tex-Mex restaurant

Unique talents: Makes balloon animals

Favorite Color: Blue

 Hobbies: Reads, bakes, and Studies Italian and ASL

Candace is looking forward to all aspects of college life  from being a part of the soccer team to studying Elementary Education.




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