I am an Athletic Training Major and an Athlete

Hi, I’m Georgia Hopkins. I am an athletic training major, and I am a student athlete. Before I even graduated high school I knew that I wanted to major in athletic training and play soccer. My freshman year was simple when it came to school and soccer. Things changed my sophomore year when I had to get clinical hours, attend class, and go to practice. I start my mornings early usually with weight training for soccer. Then I head straight to my 8 a.m. with a bagel in hand provided by Coach Julie. I am usually in class for about five to six hours a day depending on my schedule. Once class is over, I go to clinicals which is by far the best part of my day (besides soccer practice of course). Getting clinical hours during season is a challenge, but it is a fun process. After most home games, I rush up to the locker room and change into my khakis and polo, and I’m off to a local Friday night football game.

The best part about rushing out of the locker room in my athletic training uniform is the support I get from my teammates as I’m walking out. I usually receive comments like “Good luck tonight Georgia!” or “Tape those ankles!”

I love being an athletic training major,and I love being a student-athlete. Our coaches are always there to support and reinforce that school comes first then being an athlete.  Being an athletic training major and a student-athlete is not easy by any means, but as I have been told by many it is possible.


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