Why I Chose Union: Alli Herring

When considering different schools that I would possibly attend, I had a list of three characteristics for which I was looking for in a college:

1.     Small school or Division II


I was never interested in the “big school college experience” and honestly did not want to deal with getting lost on a giant campus because I am severely directionally challenged. So I decided a smaller Division II school would be right for me.

2.     Christian 

-The college years are a major period of growth, and I wanted to be surrounded by other students and professors that share the same faith and goals for education.

3.     Nursing

-I have always been interested in a career in medicine, and I decided very early on that I would  like to pursue a career in nursing.

 I made a list of schools that fulfilled had these three specific qualities and not that  too far from my home. I visited as many colleges as I could mostly during ID camps. While the other schools I visited  and considered fulfilled the three main components, I never felt like  I belonged. I either I did not feel like I fit in with the overall school atmosphere, I did not see the label of a Christian school being lived out, or I did not mesh with the soccer team or coaches at the other schools. It was not until Union that I felt like I belonged. At Union I immediately felt at home, welcomed by everyone I met, and knew that I was meant to be there. Not to mention, Union’s nursing program is ranked in the Top 100 in the country and Top 5 in Tennessee, which I saw firsthand. During a visit, I witnessed a professor teaching a small, intimate class the anatomy of the human heart with a real cadaver. I visited Union on several different occasions, and each time I felt reaffirmed that I needed to go to school here, even though as a sophomore and junior in high-school I had no idea how it was going to work out. God provided, and I couldn’t be happier now that I chose Union.


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