Senior Reflection: Sarah Hershbain

I think reality still has not completely set in that I will never step out on the soccer field again to play in a competitive match. Soccer has been a constant in my life since I started playing when I was five years old. It has also been something I have used to identify myself. Whenever I’m asked a fun fact or to introduce myself, I say: “I’m Sarah Hershbain and I play soccer at Union University.” It will be kind of strange  not saying this anymore.
Though this transition has been a difficult process and a mix of emotions, I cannot imagine ending my soccer career with any other team. We are truly a family that encourages one another on and off the field.

I remember beginning my journey at Union and first meeting all the soccer girls on our Mission trip to Eleuthera. Coming from Orange County California, I definitely felt out-of-place with everyone’s thick Southern accents and  the sayings I wasn’t used to (of course I say “y’all” now though). However, by the end of that week I knew I was right where God wanted me to be. There is nothing like mission trips, pre-season trainings, long bus rides, and 6am weights to turn strangers into best friends.
Juggling soccer, Nursing, and Kappa Delta has not been easy, but completely worth it! It has forced me to learn time management and to prioritize sleep over Netflix every time. After a nine-hour clinical day at the hospital, I would show up at practice and not be able to fathom running around for two hours. But, in times like this, my teammates would make me laugh, encourage me, and push me to work my hardest. I would always leave practice feeling better than how I came.
My coaches and teammates have helped me grow tremendously in these past four years. I could not be more thankful for Union’s soccer program. 🙂
  Sarah Hershbain, #11

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