A Word from the Coach

“Congratulations on a good season!” is something that I have heard quite a bit over the past couple of weeks. It is moving to know that there are so many people that are genuinely excited about what the program is doing. I am always humbled when I witness the magnitude of the influence that these girls have on people.

During most of these exchanges, I have the chance to smile and thank whomever I’m speaking with. This is usually followed by, “How do you feel about the season, coach?” How do I feel about the season? Were we successful? Did we truly do something special this year?

There is no way to answer these questions without first defining what constitutes a successful season. Is a successful season solely based on wins and losses? Was our season successful because we made the GSC Conference tournament? Or because we only lost two GSC games all season, which is one of the toughest conferences in the country?

Is there something more? If so, what is that something more?

Our players will immediately recognize the following four Core Values. They aren’t talking points; they define who we are. These four values are our measuring stick.

Confidently Competitive

I don’t want to compete. I want to dominate. This is the first year where our girls approached every practice and every game with that same attitude. They had an unfaltering confidence and a vicious desire to win. Teams quickly found out that those “Christian girls” came to play. These girls set the tone in practice, from the seniors all the way down to the freshmen.

Contagiously Hardworking

These intense practices translated to a rare intensity on game day. We came to play, because we put the work in during the week. I’ll be honest, there were days when the girls held me up. I was tired or emotionally fatigued, and then the players would hit the practice field. They made me want to play so badly! I’ve never seen so many quality players continually play so intensely.

Positively Focused

A season can get long and burdensome, but you would never know watching this team play. How do you stay focused on a goal, day in and day out, through all of the setbacks and obstacles? It’s easy when your teammates are encouraging and positive every single day.

Challenges were not  burdens anymore with the team. Instead, they were chances for the girls to overcome.

It is tough to stop a group that is always moving forward towards a unified goal.

Passionately Caring

I’ve never been a part of a team that shared so many tears of love. These girls care, and they care deeply. They did not care just about soccer, but it was about their teammates and their creator, Jesus Christ. It is moving when you have the chance to watch a team, like this. A team,driven by the same passions,  that goes out and embodies those loves in a simple game like soccer. It is definitely  unique, and very few people get to enjoy what these girls created.

So, was this year successful? Yes. Yes it was.

-Head Coach, Isaac Brooks



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