Senior Reflection: Kayleigh

Hi, I am Kayleigh Patterson, a  2017 graduating senior.  I was a part of the program for four years, and in that short amount of time, I was impacted in ways I would have never expected. As a freshman, I knew that I would be challenged on the field, but I did not realize the personal growth, lifelong friends, and memories the soccer program would give me.

When I look back on my time in the program, my first thought is the teammates that turned into my best friends. I did not know anyone when I came to Union so I clung to my teammates. We were roommates, classmates, and best friends. At first, my friends and I bonded over not being the typical college student, and our relationships quickly grew into something that I will always cherish.

My class our freshmen year, August 2013


The leadership of this program intentionally pours into their players. I had many friends who played collegiate sports, and I know they did not have the same experience as I did. My coaches wanted to make me more than just a great soccer player. Their goal was to make me a strong Christian woman. I enjoyed being able to openly go to my coaches and teammates for spiritual growth and accountability. This program has an environment that is unique because the whole program comes together for one purpose, glorifying Christ in everything they do.

Danya Horchi and I working in Eleuthra, Bahamas, July 2013

My class on the team was blessed to be able to go on two international mission trips during our time at Union. On both trips, I was able to serve alongside my teammates. My freshmen year we traveled to Eluethra, Bahamas, and my junior year we did a tour in Costa Rica. These trips showed to me how blessed I was to be a part of a program where we are encouraged to serve others.

The past four years have had their ups and their downs, but I would not have wanted my college experience to be any different. Union University Women’s Soccer has gave me more than I ever imagined. Thank you. 14601076_10210699554027632_2711598322293124157_n



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